Old Republic Aerospace, Inc. ("ORA"),
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Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to reject any and all bids.

We reserve the right to modify or remove any salvage listing at any time.

Buyers please note, our Insureds might be presented the option for first right of refusal to match the highest bid obtained. In addition, they might elect to withdraw their claim at any time during or after the bidding process ends, prior to awarding the salvage.

You may not bid if you are employed by or are a relative of any employee of Old Republic Insurance Company, ORA, their subsidiaries or affiliated companies.

All salvage is sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS and without any representations or warranties of any kind regarding the aircraft condition.

The purchaser agrees to:

Indemnify and hold Old Republic Insurance Company and ORA, harmless from any claims arising from the purchase of, transportation of, use of, or sale of the salvage.

Cooperate with ORA regarding any legal requirements of the FAA.

Disclose any damage history to future purchasers.

ORA will include an entry in the aircraft logbooks that the aircraft was damaged.

Payment must be received within ten days of award notification.

Failure of ORA to receive payment within ten days of award notification may result in the successful bidder’s forfeiture of the salvage and may result in the rejection of future bids.

Payment must be made by cashier check or wire transfer only.

Upon receipt of payment, a letter will be sent to the FAA stating the aircraft sustained damage and was determined to have been beyond economic repair under the insurance policy provisions, along with a completed Bill of Sale and FAA Registration Card (or FAA form AC8050-1B) transferring ownership from the current registered owner to the successful bidder.

All charges pertaining to the salvage including transportation, handling, storage, shipping of aircraft records and any taxes accruing after the award winner has been notified are the responsibility of the award winner.

Foreign, non-USA companies or individuals are responsible for procuring all export documentation. ORA will not assist in any way with making any arrangements for export from the USA of the aircraft salvage.

Bidders are encouraged to conduct an inspection of the aircraft salvage and records. By agreeing to these terms the bidder acknowledges that they have had the opportunity to inspect and evaluate the aircraft salvage and records and are not relying on any representation made by ORA.

All aircraft photos are the property of ORA and may not be used without express written approval from ORA.

Bids will close at 11:59pm EST on the 15th of each month unless otherwise noted differently in the aircraft details.

Storage fees will be paid by ORA until the end of the month from when the salvage is awarded.

By clicking in the box “I agree”, the bidder acknowledges that they have read and accept the ORA Salvage Website Terms and Conditions.